Caleigha C.

  Paul and his employee Jerry are **extremely** knowledgeable. As someone who works in a senior services field, I meet so many people who are so confused by Medicare. Paul and his team really take the time to get to know someone and their circumstances, so they can make the best, most cost-effective recommendations. They're great at taking something so complicated, and making it such a simple process. I will definitely be recommending him to my clients, as well as my friends and family. They're a pleasure to work with.  

Alicia S.

 We have been using Paul for many many years for my husbands law office insurance policies as well as for my husbands Medicare coverage. Paul is not only great  to work with and easy to reach but he knows so much about Medicare and was able to direct us to the best coverage for my husband's situation.   In the past few years we have also had a chance to deal with Gabby Avelar for the group plan.  What a delight.  She is on top of things and such a pleasure to work with!!!  I have not dealt with Alberta but I can tell you the others make a great team and we have been very very happy with them.  If you need help with the murky world of Medicare or with group plans do not hesitate to call them!!! 

Jon P.

 Okay so if you are a "boomer" or anyone considering Medicare this is your guy!  You can spend  a lot of time doing a lot of research but you don't have to.  Paul does it for you before you walk in the door. Give Paul your details and he will do the rest! So here's the end of our story: My wife was retiring and I was not.  He recommended what he thought was good for my wife but later we found it was better to put my wife on my group plan with my company and Paul was all for it! He said it is was the best deal for us.  Whoa! That is pretty commendable and when we are ready to get our Part B and supplemental coverage for both of us guess where we are going.....Paul Davis!!! First and Last stop! 

Sharon Hobson Barcarse

 Paul was a HUGE help with figuring out how to deal with my husband's switch to Medicare. We couldn't have done it without him!!!  

Rose P.

 Paul Davis is the best. The best advice. The best service. The best policies. So lucky to have him in our corner.

Charles Thomas

  Paul Davis is incredible ! He is absolutely a wealth of knowledge on health and medicare... He is the Master Accountant of the health care system... Highly recommend !   

Michael P.

 I had the good fortune to work with Alberta Bellisario on my recent open enrollment for my personal health insurance. Alberta was extremely knowledgeable, and walked  me through the process with exceptional guidance and courtesy. She promptly returned my calls--and proactively reached out to me on weekends and after hours to ensure that I would be properly covered. She is so conscientious and compassionate--and not to mention HUMBLE.

Mark L.

 Paul Davis is a fount of information when it comes to Medicare and Medigap insurance coverage. You know this immediately by how he listens to your situation and seems to have the right answer for your case each and every time. If you are turning 65 or already have a policy and you will not be sorry.

Katherine L.

 In addition to Paul's vast knowledge of health insurance he is incredibly patient and kind.
He was able to clearly explain some rather complicated aspects of the insurance maze and assist in making difficult choices.  I could not recommend him more highly - wish all professionals were as conscientious and caring as Paul.

Aaron K.

Best place to service all of your insurance needs. I've gotten my health insurance, life insurance as well as my parents long-term care insurance through Paul. He is always attentive, answers emails within 24 hours and never tries to sell you anything you don't need. Highly recommended there is no way you can go wrong. In fact, I think he's won the award for the best insurance agent in the county for the last 10 years in a row

David D.

The Medicare insurance issue is very complex.  Paul Davis helped guide me through the maze of the various options.  His service was also at no cost to me.  I strongly recommend him.  You will be in great hands if you call him up.

Roch B.

 Paul Davis & Alberta Bellisario are top-notch pros in this industry.  Acting as Power Of Attorney for my aging mother, I had exhausted all conventional means of securing Medicare Gap Insurance for her.  A friend recommended Paul.  He was caring, extremely pro-active and conscientious and, above all, was able to secure a policy at a cost we could afford.  This company knows their stuff!  Nice work, Paul & Alberta and thank you for your expertise!

Allan M.

Paul is the best of the best for insurance. I have had many agents over the years and Paul is without a doubt the best  I have ever had. I trust him completely. He has always been there for me when I need him. That is what I call excellent customer service. Call him. You won't be sorry

Dr. Barry L.

Paul Davis has handled both my personal as well as my employees health insurance for many years.  We are all very satisfied with his services.  He is very thorough and responsive to our needs.  Also everyone I have referred to him have been well taken care of.  I also utilize Alberta for my homeowners policy.

Virginia L.

Paul Davis reviewed Medicare supplement coverage for me and for my sister. Paul has signed us up with better coverage while saving us a combined total of $300 per month!!!

We are excited that we are receiving more benefits and saving so much. Only a Medicare insurance expert could do such a great job.

Donald B.

Last year, my daughter was new to Medicare,  We felt she would be best served by a Medicare advantage HMO policy.  This year, we thought we had made a mistake the previous year and she could be more secure with a traditional Medicare  individual policy.  Several agents told us that due to having a prior condition, she would have been certain of coverage the first year of Medicare, but that a new individual signup would no longer be  possible due to the prior condition.  Our lawyer recommended Paul Davis to us, and was she spot on.  Paul knew immediately how to do what others had said was impossible.  His service was excellent, pleasant, easy and especially knowledgeable.  I recommend him without qualification.

Leanne F.

Paul Davis is very professional and also a very caring person. He helped my husband and I to explore many options for medical care as retirement approaches. He was also able to clearly explain medicare options and how they work and what they would cost. He is a competent agent, and I have already referred several friends to him.

Al S.

Year after year Gabriela and Paul have provided  our family with  the best knowledgeable service. Gabby always either is able to answer our questions immediately or does the research necessary to get the answers. I would recommend them unreservedly.

Vicki A.

Paul Davis is great. He is not only on top of his clients needs and getting things done in time to meet deadlines. But, he is also connected to what is available to seniors and makes suggestion that will help save money with their current situation. 

Paul isn't an agent who will only suggest companies that he makes a commission on. He recommends products that are best for the client and saves them the most while meeting their needs. I am truly glad i was referred to him. He has been a lifesaver for m

Hank Y.

Two agents with an amazing ability to share and explain the details of our insurance policies.   They are always available to assist us and we absolutely appreciate them

Roberta P.

I had the best experience with Paul Davis & Alberta Bellisario insurance. Paul helped me through every step of the way, answering all of my questions plus answering questions I did not know I had! Thank you!!

Carole B.

Paul is the greatest! He really gives you the time and attention you need to sort through all the twists and turns of the insurance business. If you want and/or need someone to make dealing with insurance issues easier, you can't go wrong with Paul.

Bobbi O.

Paul Davis knows more about medicare plans than anyone I have met.  I recently started my "journey" into learning about which plans were good for me and Paul was a life saver.  Anyone who is approaching 65 should call Paul Davis!  There is no cost for his services.  This is a must!

Sarah M. Bracha

I was recommended to Paul from a friend at a large legal firm that sends all their employees to him. He suggested a great supplemental plan that has cost me absolutely zero out of pocket and it was reasonably priced coverage.

He also suggested a great drug plan that has cost me nothing with the exception of one expensive drug that had no generic and the co-pay was not outrageous.

Paul also came out and met my now deceased partner that was on medi-cal and set her up for help with prescriptions that cost her nothing.

I can't image anyone better to work with and I recommend them to my friends.  The service I've received has saved me a small fortune and that counts a lot when you are on Social Security.

Robert S.

If you're shopping for Part D Rx coverage for the first time (whether for you or for someone else), please be aware that Part D Rx policies DIFFER SHARPLY from the Rx coverage of a pre-Medicare health... insurance policy. Medicare Part D Rx Insurance Policies are quite complicated to evaluate and compare. Which Part D policy is best for you depends on a handful of factors; probably the most important factors is what Rx drugs you now take (the known), and what drugs you think that you are likely to take in the not-to-distant future (the partly known). With one Rx list, company A may be best for you, but with a different list, company B may be best. You literally need a personalized analysis to choose the best plan for you. In my experience, not a lot of us are highly skilled at this kind of analysis, especially the first time around.

Paul has taken the time to become very knowledgeable about these policies. You can send Paul your current Rx list by computer (he has a computer program to keep it all confidential), and he will conduct the comparison for you, and then send you the results (with the same confidentiality). I gather that Paul does these analyses a lot, so he's probably pretty fast at them, but still, it simply must take a fair amount of his time.)

Paul sends you the comparison results unedited, with ZERO BIAS. That is extremely generous of him, because at least a few of the insurance carriers don't pay ANY sales commissions. Paul can't earn a dime if one of those policies is best for you, but he tells you the truth anyway.

It is rare to find someone highly knowledgeable who will recommend that you do what's best for you, even if it's not so good for him/her. Paul IS that rare guy.

In summary, if you do business with Paul, you won't have to exert yourself to perform a complicated analysis, and you'll be able to choose a Part D policy with a high level of personal confidence. That's pretty ideal for most people, so call him or email him.

Just for the record, I'm not Paul's relative or friend, nor am I a paid shill. I had never spoken to Paul before one month ago. He knows what he's doing, and he's scrupulously honest, so I asked him if I could write a review.


Todd L.

Paul: With pleasure, I submit the following for your use. You can certainly use my full name and I only ask that you obtain consent for use other than on your web-site (e.g. promotional mailings to prospective clients) and that if, at a future time I should request it, that you discontinue use.


“My wife and I have used Paul Davis’ professional services in connection with our comprehensive Medicare insurance needs. In this extremely complicated area, it is most comforting to have the benefit of an individual as experienced, knowledgeable and articulate as is Paul. He been responsive in a timely fashion to all of our questions and has patiently and carefully explained, in lay terms, the specific issues which have arisen. He also conscientiously “shops” providers on our behalf, as periodically required, to assure we are getting the best deal with appropriate coverage. We unconditionally give Paul our highest recommendation in dealing with the vagaries of Supplemental Medicare plans and Medicare Part D coverage.”

Eric Isken

I wanted to express my appreciation for the time you spent with me helping sort out my options for coverage having just become eligible for Medicaire.  You helped me understand how my company retiree Medicaire supplement plan coordinates with Medicaire, something that was completely unclear  from the Company’s materials.  You helped me understand that some information I was getting from the Company benefits advisors was not consistent with Blue Shield and was incorrect.  You helped frame the questions I needed to ask to understand my options and you did this without any payment from me.  

You are terrific.  Thanks.

Feel free to use this on your website with full attribution.


vWe are completely comfortable in knowing I will get the best "deal" possible, with the Help of Paul.

We had never before worked with anyone who was not personally recommended, but feel most fortunate we found Paul thru the ONE newsletter.

Dale J.


In this day and age, it is difficult to know if you have made a good or right choice for yourself, having to do a lot of research and dealing with companies seeking an advantage or will give you the run around. The experience I had with Mr. Paul Davis, when signing my mother up for Medicare supplemental coverage, was to say the least a pleasant surprise.  

Paul was very helpful and extremely patient in helping me to wade through all the available options. He deserves kudos.  Thank you very much.

Terry T. on Yelp

e have used Paul for two family members.  His service is extraordinary and his knowledge of Medicare is unmatched in my experience.  Paul puts his clients first.  We plan on using his services for the rest of our lives.  Give him a try.  At the least, you will come away more educated.