Paul Davis is Active in the Community

Photo of Paul Davis, Licensed Insurance agent in Northridge, CA

FERNANDO Award Recipient 2017


For over 30 years Paul Davis has been very active in and supportive of a great number of organizations in the San Fernando Valley. His devotion to a number of worthwhile organizations is not part of his job description. Paul is being nominated by the Encino and Northridge Chambers of Commerce. This is the 5th time he has been nominated (no, that’s not a record).

Getting started with volunteerism

 Paul is a valley native and was chosen for leadership roles as early as kindergarten (think milk monitor). He has frequently been asked to take on responsibilities or leadership roles due to his character and abilities (sometimes in spite of his character). In elementary school he was a cashier in the cafeteria. In Junior High he was in “Admirals and Ensigns” and in High school “Squires” and “Knights”. These were the school service clubs that monitored the hallways, helped out at football games and other events. In college at USC Paul was on the School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board and the Student Union Board. He chaired both groups.

Upon graduation from USC Paul was unsure of his career direction. He fell into retailing as a “management trainee” with Montgomery Ward. After 5 years in retail he was certain of one thing, that a career in retail was NOT what he wanted. After much research and introspection Paul decided on a career in insurance. Insurance proved to be a much more suitable career choice.

On the advice of a colleague Paul attended a meeting of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce. Paul liked what he experienced and joined that chamber in 1986. He was recruited onto the Chamber Board and was Volunteer Of The Year in 1988.

Also in 1986 a high school friend introduced him to the Rotary Club of Van Nuys. Paul has been a member of that club ever since (now the Greater Van Nuys Rotary Club). Paul has held virtually every office in that club including president in 1995-96. He’s been involved in a diverse array of charitable projects, from taking at-risk boys golfing, painting non-profit offices, restoring wheelchairs, or simply selling raffle tickets or entertainment books. Service Above Self is Rotary’s motto and Paul has embraced it. The snowball effect then took over as Paul joined or became affiliated with a number of other groups and non-profit organizations in the years that have followed. 

Active in the Community


When Paul discovered New Horizons in 1993 he was taken aback by the diversity of services they were offering and the number or people whose lives they were impacting. Paul has provided many years of service to New Horizons through their Board’s Development Committee and some of its Councils. He has provided training to the staff on how to effectively network, spreading the word about how to benefit business as well as improve the community and who we serve. Paul Davis has been volunteering his time, sharing his talents and donating money to further their mission-- to empower individuals with special needs to fulfill their dreams of living and working as accepted and valued members of our community. His support has been steady and ongoing and there have been very few New Horizons events that Paul has not played a part in.

Paul Davis has devoted himself to providing much needed information and services to the seniors of ONEgeneration as well as all seniors in the San Fernando Valley. ONEgeneration, dedicated to serving children, at-risk youth and seniors and their families, is an organization that has provided vital services to the senior community in the San Fernando Valley for over 35 years. A long-time supporter, he always shares his marketing knowledge with staff and helps them to become aware of other community outreach opportunities. Paul is always willing to partner on marketing materials allowing ONEgeneration to market to the community more effectively. Paul has made helping seniors his life’s most important work. He frequently provides complimentary educational presentations at ONEgeneration to help seniors find the right insurance plan based on their individual needs. 

Paul has helped transform the annual Senior Symposium by connecting a broad range of support from the community. The Senior Symposium has become known as the premier event for seniors in the San Fernando Valley. This year alone over 800 seniors enjoyed a day filled with resources, information and health screenings. Paul has always been available to ONEgeneration to help raise funding, spread awareness and play a role as a senior advocate in the community. 

For over a dozen years, Paul has been a supporter of Valley Community Healthcare (formerly Valley Community Clinic). Even before the ACA implementation, he worked with the staff of VCH's Outreach and Enrollment Department to ensure many low-income people were connected with the appropriate services. With the confusion of the ACA, Paul continued his involvement in helping low- income clients and community members access desperately needed medical care at VCH. Paul has long acted in an advisory capacity to VCH’s Development Department. He is never too busy to stop and respond to requests for help, support, and advice. His suggestions and comments on donor marketing, event logistics and collateral materials have been an immense assistance to improving VCH’s products. Paul is the ‘go-to-guy’ whenever questions arise regarding VCH’s impact in the business community.

Paul has embraced membership in Chambers of Commerce. He and his associate Alberta are currently members of Northridge, Encino, and Greater San Fernando Valley, West Valley/Warner Center, Sherman Oaks and Studio City Chambers of Commerce. Paul has taken leadership roles and been a board member of 3 of those chambers. He has run a number of events and chaired a number of committees. Paul believe that joining chambers of commerce is one of the best things he ever did. He counts many clients and many friendships that resulted from membership. And, he feels that his participation has contributed to a better community to live and work in.

One of the things Paul has become known for are his critiques of events. In a positive and constructive way, Paul always wants non-profit organizations to try to “do better next time”.

He provides stream of consciousness unfiltered feedback on things that went well and things that missed the mark. When Paul attends an event and the organizers don’t get Paul’s email the next day they sometimes call and ask for it.

Paul has been recognized as a great marketer. He gets his name and face out in a way that lots of people know who he is. He has freely shared this skill and ideas with nonprofit organizations in an effort to help them gain greater recognition. 

Do you know this man?


Everyone does...or at least recognizes his picture. If you’ve been active in the San Fernando Valley business and non-profit community the answer is likely “yes”. Paul has supported dozens of organizations with advertising at their galas, golf tournaments and other events. Paul became a licensed insurance agent in September 1984.  Although Paul runs a relatively small enterprise, he has been involved and contributed much more time and money than organizations that are much larger.

Whenever ONEgeneration, New Horizons, Valley Community Health Care or a number of nonprofit organizations needs some help or advice, Paul has been more than generous with his time and other resources. The Valley is a much better place to live because of the many hours he has donated to its organizations and its people.

Paul is a lifetime resident of the San Fernando Valley. He attended Poly High School in Sun Valley and holds a degree in business from USC. Paul has resided in the “Sherwood Forest” section of Northridge since 1999. He still thinks of himself as a newlywed, as he and his wife Rande married in 2012.


 · 2019 Paul Davis Named as one of San Fernando Valley's 200 most influential leaders  

 · 2019 Paul Davis  Honored by ONEgeneration for Community Service

· 2017 Fernando Award Recipient—nominated by the Encino and Northridge Chambers of Commerce

· 2016 Fernando Award Finalist—nominated by New Horizons and ONEgeneration

· 2015 Fernando Award Finalist—nominated by New Horizons and ONEgeneration

· 2014 Fernando Award Finalist—nominated by Valley Community Health Care and ONEgeneration

· 2013 Fernando Award Finalist—nominated by Valley Community Health Care and ONEgeneration

· 2017 Small Business Award United Chambers of Commerce and Northridge Chamber

· 2015 Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber “Captains of Industry” recognition

· 2014 C.K. Tseng Leadership Award presented by Northridge Chamber of Commerce

(“In recognition of your leadership in the business community and your commitment to community service”)

· M.A.P.S. Charities – Community Service Award, February 2013

· Voted by readers of the Daily News as Best Insurance Agent for 2002-2016 (15th year in a row)

· Valley Community Clinic “Hats Off” event recognition, October 2012

· Recognized October 12th 2011 as one of the Valley’s “Trusted Advisors” by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal

· Encino Chamber of Commerce Businesspersons of the Year 2006

· Finalist in San Fernando Valley Business Journal Health Leadership Awards 2004

· United Chambers of Commerce The Outstanding Small Business of the Year 2004

· 1999 United Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award for outstanding service to the Mid Valley Chamber of Commerce (currently the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce)

· Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber Community Award of Excellence 1998-1999

· Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce Award of Excellence 1994

· Northridge Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year 1988


Community Organizations

·  Encino Chamber of Commerce –
Member since 1995, Board of Directors 2005-2006, 2015-2016, currently Chair of health & wellness committee

· Northridge Chamber of Commerce –
Member since 1986,Board of Directors 1988-1991, Board of Directors 2015-2017, currently Chair of the Senior Services Business Council

· Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce –
Member since 1989, Board of Directors 1992-1995, Vice-President of Membership 1995

· Rotary Club of Van Nuys (now the Greater Van Nuys Rotary club) –
Member since 1986 President 1995-96, 1st Vice President 1995-1996, 2nd Vice President 1994-1995, Community Service Director, Dodger Day Chair, Track Meet Chair multiple years, Board of Directors 1988-1997, numerous other chair and committee positions and club duties

· New Horizons –
Currently on their Advancement Committee. Business Advisory Board 1994-1998, Development Committee 2006-2008, Gala Committee for several years, other ad hoc committees

· Mid Valley YMCA – Board of Managers 1994-2006

· ONEgeneration – Supporter and educational speaker since 2002, Senior Symposium Committee for years

· Valley Community Clinic – Corporate Partner since 2001

· Van Nuys Jeopardy Foundation – Board of Directors 1995-2000

· The Executives (supporting the Los Angeles Jewish Home) – Member since 2014

· El Centro De Amistad – Supporter and Gala Committee for a number of years

· Mid Valley Police Council – Member since 1994, Vice President 1997

· New Directions for Youth – Supporter since 2003, Gala Committee for several years

· Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce – Member since 2015

· Studio City Chamber of Commerce – Member since 2015

· Valley Presbyterian Hospital – Corporate Circle since 2015

· VICA – Member since 2005, health and governmental affairs committees

· West Valley/Warner Center Chamber of Commerce – Member since 2009



· National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors – Member since 1986

· National Association of Health Underwriters – Member since 1993

· San Fernando Valley Marketing and Admissions Professionals for Seniors (MAPS) – Member since 2002

· Braemar Business Alliance – Member since 1994

· All About Business Group – Member since 2009